Employer ambassadors boost visibility and promote the ‘skills solutions’ and retention benefits of apprenticeship within companies of all types and sizes around the country.

25 employer ambassadors signed up in 2019 to promote apprenticeship opportunities with other employers in their industry and region.

In 2020 we would like to ensure that there is an apprenticeship employer ambassador in every region of the country and in every industry served by national apprenticeship training.

Over 6,000 employers in Ireland currently use apprenticeship as a talent pipeline for their business, employing over 17,000 apprentices. Micro companies, SMEs and large companies, including multinationals are increasingly turning to apprenticeship for their recruitment and business growth.

Generation Apprenticeship Ambassador poster

The ambassadors, all of whom are current apprentice employers, are working at local and national level to communicate the power and benefits of apprenticeship, focusing primarily on business-to-business promotion, but also working with local schools, parents and community groups. They are using their industry networks and communications channels as well as social and local print media and radio.

Any apprenticeship employer who is interested in joining the Generation Apprenticeship Employer Ambassador scheme can contact apprenticeship@solas.ie for more information.