As well as developing technical expertise, the apprenticeship model of learning fast tracks skills in teamwork, creativity, leadership and problem-solving – all of which are integral to successful, future-proofed careers. A 2018 survey of employers revealed that apprentices are rated as highly as graduates who have followed the academic route in universities and third level colleges.

The Generation Apprenticeship Taster Sessions help you to experience why employers have given apprenticeship this remarkable vote of confidence.

Taster Sessions will be delivered by businesses and training organisations across the country.

Who is a Taster Session for?

The taster session activity finder has been developed for you. Through it, you will find diversity in the types of industry and people who are providing and benefiting from apprenticeship.

  • Are you a school leaver or a parent wondering about next steps?
  • Are you someone who wants to get back into work?
  • Are you in a career and ready for a change?
  • Are you a career advisor who needs up-to-date signposting?
  • Are you a company or a business owner who offers apprenticeships and can benefit from a national platform to promote those apprenticeships?
  • Are you a company or a business owner who might benefit from offering apprenticeships but are unsure about how you can get involved?

The Generation Apprenticeship Taster Sessions have teamed up with ESB and CIF to bring you the first entries in our activity finder. Find an activity near you here. We want everyone to benefit from the opportunities in apprenticeship and please keep checking in as our activity finder will continue to be updated.

Please also check out “Our story” insights from individuals and companies who are already involved in delivering apprenticeship... Kilkenny’s Employer of the Year – 2018, Martin Stapleton from CDS, tells us to “Talk, seek information and help... recognise what you are good at and do not be afraid to get help at what you are not good at”.

  • Interested in sharing your apprenticeship or company story? Please get in touch via email.
  • We want to cover apprenticeship activity from across Ireland and we want to tell your story. If needed we can contact you by phone.
  • Contact us by email if you want to be a registered apprenticeship employer. We will get you started.
  • Choose from the following list of Apprenticeship options and get involved.